Step by step: what to do in case of car accidents |...

Step by step: what to do in case of car accidents | Auto Insurance

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Often read and will hear different coverages and benefits that the companies grantto their users when hire a safe automotive.

is common that read various tutorials and tips on how using those services of way proper, or how choose the more suitable.


What almost never read is it more obvious: in case of a sinister, it first is feeling us nervous and scared.


It is difficult to leave the cool head and remember a lot of data when you eventuallycrash or you are injured. So, in ComparaOnline we wanted to make your life simple,and prepare this article indicating you, step by step, completely simple, what to dowhen suffering an accident with your car.


Police notice

At the time of suffering an accident in your car, the first thing to do is to denounce the fact. This is essential in the further process of collecting your insurance, becauseall companies require a notice immediately to police as a requirement to validate the policy services.


It is important that at the time of reporting the accident, you describing the facts such that how happened. Recalls that is traps more easily to a liar that to a thief, and lie in the denounces of the sinister can invalidate your policy of way definitive, in addition to bring you problems with police.
To perform a denounces valid, will need to deliver also the data of the third affectedin the sinister:


Please note that, to make this complaint, you should go to the police station nearest to the sinister, preferably to one located in the same district where the accident occurred.
Also, you must carry with you your identity card of identity and the documentationcomplete of your auto, that include the permission of circulation, patent, etc.




A time resolved it denounces to police and with the documentation police needed in your power, can give notice to your insurance on it happened.
To validate the services included in your policy, you must give notice of the sinister in a term maximum of 10 days after happened the accident. Of it otherwise, the insurance not will take part of it happened.


It is essential to know, that for some specific claims, such as the theft of vehicle, is also required to report immediately to the insurer, so begins the process of research and policy evaluation, especially if you have specific coverages associated with theft.
It is important that reports to the insurer as soon as possible, because they will takea time of assessment of the facts then finally if the case applies to the auto insurance coverage. Therefore, while less delay in giving notice, more quickly will be the procedure.


To make the notice to the insurance company, you will need the following documentation:


From this time, the insurance, or the runner of safe intermediary between the user and the company, will have a term maximum of 45 days working to deliver its reporton the sinister and the resolution of them coverage that apply for the case specific.




Past these 45 days, both the insurance as the insured (in this case, you) will receive the report of liquidation of the safe automotive of way simultaneous. In this report isspecified the resolution on the sinister: what coverages apply, what will be the amount indemnified, and them specifications technical that sustain the decision.


If you do not agree with the results, you can challenge the decision within a maximum period of 10 working days.


If you impugnas the report of settlement, the entity that carried it out will have six working days to evaluate and correct the question. Then, it will deliver a new versionof the report, specifying the changes and approval (or rejection) of the questions tothe original report.
Once arrived at agreement between insurer and insured, the company will have sixworking days to pay the amounts set out in the automobile insurance policy to the user.


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To report a claim and collect an insurance effectively, not stay calm and know the “step by step” here we show you just need. It is also necessary to have an insurer witha good service post sale and best benefits in case of accidents.

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