The benefits of auto insurance

The benefits of auto insurance


The coverage that auto insurance companies have some limitations and, in some cases, there are possibilities for lack of performance of the contract and in others there are unfair terms.

In principle, the insurance charges a cost determined to cover them damage in the vehicle or of third in case of accidents. This depends on the type of insurance contract and is essential to read the policy for details of coverage and exclusions are so that you do not cover well.

Example below you have some cases where if they should give you the coverage and those that probably do not grant it you:

The SI

-Brother-in-law those payments were made before the date of each maturity of the invoice.

-When is made the denunciation of the sinister inside them 72 hours.

-In case of theft of the vehicle, when the policy is third full, all-risk or if says so specifically.

-In case of accident against another vehicle or person damage.

-Damage of the car that collides (which attacks) are covered if the policy is for all risk. In the other types of recruitment there that read in what cases concrete. Usually, is stipulated that those damages are considered “total”.

-The payment of compensation for iban in the car or for those who were struck.


-When was made the payment to the insurance company.

-When the driver had no license (you must claim against the person).

-When was the vehicle stolen with the keys to put.

-If the claim is within the amount agreed as a franchise.

-In the case of basic coverages do not cover damage to the vehicle itself.

-The other driver has no insurance (must claim against the person).

In cases of not to do always the complaint in the insurance company because you need it is issued to start any type of claim. This occurs because, at times, companies may respond but not appropriate them. Once you reject it, i.e. that they expressly manifest will not cover the loss there is to look at the specific case to determine if there is any element that can do that he is to require coverage as for example the lack of notification.

It must be borne in mind that could claim compensation for damages, including moral damage which has been given the necessary elements for your legal claim.

It is clear that you must always evaluate the specific case and the above does not imply a specific claim but only suggestions for advising proceed in situations that could be considered as abusive.

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